Waterproof bike case for your smartphone. It is equipped with cover flap and headphone jack. Packed in SWISSTEN retail pack. Secure fit: The case is attached to the tube of your bike with two Velcro fasteners and the third Velcro fastens to the handlebar stem. This ensures firm and secure fit of the case. Storage space: The case has enough space for personal belongings as well as for tools, spare tube or power bank. Durable design: The case is made of solid material so that both the smartphone and other things inside the case are maximally protected against possible damage. View of the smartphone: With the help of Velcro, the smartphone is attached inside the case under transparent mica. The display of the smartphone is beautifully visible through it, so the case is suitable, for example, when using navigation. Of course, the smartphone can be controlled through mica.
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